Getting the most out of your rental home in Riverview, Florida may depend on whether you intend to use it for yourself or with friends and family. If you are wondering which option to choose, renting for the long-term with a group has its share of advantages.

You won’t have to worry about the costs of your home if you stay with your loved ones, and keeping the rental is shape will be easier. Those renting in new areas can rely on fellow residents to find activities that suit you as well as the whole party.

If you are wondering how creating memories with your new home can be easier with others, we can help. Here are the benefits of renting homes with friends and family.

Saving Money

Renting a home by yourself can come with costs that can be challenging to handle on your own, even with a smaller rental. When you live with others, you can worry less about prices and keep some money in your wallet by sharing the monthly rent.

You will be able to save money on transportation, especially if you need to drive for work, drop off your kids at schools, do grocery shopping, or want to check out the local attractions. Costs for food, drinks, toiletries, and other necessities also go down, which helps whenever you want to eat out at local restaurants instead of eating in.

Extra Space

Making use of every room in your Riverview home can be easier in a group than if you rent on your own. Look at options for rentals so that you know the number of rooms and capacity of each, depending on the size of your group.

Some of your rooms can be reserved for gaming and other activities, while others can be used for solo work in case you need alone time. Rentals with outdoor space ensure you have an area for hosting BBQs and parties when the weather is right.

Creating an Itinerary

Renting with friends or family gives you the opportunity to get more out of Riverview’s attractions than if you stay on your own. If the rental is in a location that you are familiar with, then you can act as a guide for the rest of your group.

When someone else in your group has more knowledge of the destination, they can give you tips for having fun in case you want to plan visits on your own. With destinations that are new to all of you, you can assign tasks to each member to create fun occasions for your free time.

Sharing Responsibilities

Keeping your rental home in good condition can take time and money when you are tasked with this obligation on your own. However, renting with others allows you to be more efficient with cleaning and maintenance.

Each resident in your group can be tasked with different cleaning duties to keep messes and damage at a minimum. Outdoor maintenance and renovations can also be easier when living with fellow renters.


While renting homes on your own comes with its benefits, sharing the experience with friends and family can create an easier and more enjoyable living situation. Look at our Riverview rental homes for a stay that is both productive and fun for your whole group!