Are you looking for a new home in Riverview, Florida to rent and have narrowed down your options to a select few? There are several factors to consider when deciding on a home, one of which being its location.

Whatever neighborhood your rental home resides in must be safe, whether you are moving in by yourself or with your family. Short commutes to work, shopping centers, and fun attractions in town will also allow for an easier living experience.

The right neighborhood can help you find a balance in productivity and excitement when seeking a new residence. Here is a guide on how to choose a neighborhood when renting a home.

1. Neighborhood Safety

One primary factor to consider when choosing a neighborhood to move to is how safe the area is. Comparing the crime rates of towns will allow you to determine which area is best for you, especially if you are a parent moving with children.

Look through the local police department websites and other online platforms to see which of your prospects offers the most safety. Put a heavier emphasis on areas with a neighborhood watch program.

2. Commute Length

Are you looking at options for rental homes in Riverview that make it easy to get to your job, grocery stores, and other important establishments? A neighborhood with a balanced commute length will help you save time to get to your destinations.

Families who want to move to Riverview will want to make sure that the schools are close enough to their home for easy access. With shorter commutes, parents and children can experience a better transition with work and education.

Townhome exterior garage with outdoor lantern-style light

3. Property Condition

While you should focus on the condition of rental home prospects when deciding where to move, the shape of other properties in the area can also affect your decision. Neighborhoods with a consistent number of homes with poor upkeep should be crossed off your list.

When touring neighborhoods, keep an eye on conditions such as lacking exterior repairs and trash on the lawn or sidewalk. Focus on areas where the homes are kept in good condition with consistent renovations.

4. Proximity to Friends and Family

Another way in which distance plays an important role in your choice for a neighborhood is when it comes to proximity to friends and family. If you have loved ones who already live in Riverview, your trips to see them should be short, as well.

Your choice of a rental home should be close enough to friends and family to provide more chances to spend time with them. This can also help you make shorter commutes to their homes for get-togethers and special occasions.

Drone view of the Alafia River in Riverview, Florida

5. Access to Activities

Your free time from work and school should be filled with a variety of opportunities to find excitement and adventure. Renting a home in Riverview grants you multiple options for ways to have fun.

Those who enjoy spending their free time in the outdoors can venture over to the Little Manatee River, Alafia River State Park, and Balm-Boyette Scrub Preserve. Enjoy a lunch at Summerfield Park before shopping at Winthrop Town Centre.

6. Sense of Community

Do you plan on living on your own or have friends and family who will be living a long commute away from your new home? In this case, having a sense of community will help you feel more comfortable in your new neighborhood.

Look for homeowner associations and nearby groups so that you can build new relationships and take part in special events in your neighborhood. Your apartment complex should make it easy to meet neighbors, and it should sponsor events, mixers, and other occasions to find entertainment with fellow community members.


When it comes to finding a balance between productivity and fun when renting a home, the right neighborhood can help. Check out our Riverview properties today for a simpler moving process.