Having a proper living situation requires knowing which rental home can help you experience the best stay. Choosing the wrong rental can result in you missing out on the perfect balance of relaxation and productivity.

Certain amenities and features of a home may fit your needs more than others, and the location may determine the fun you have access to. You must also have a proper strategy in how you get information on potential choices.

We’re here to help you create a reliable plan in your search for a rental home in Riverview, Florida. Here are common home renting mistakes and how to avoid them.

Missing Out on Reviews

While it’s important to get as much information as possible from those offering rental homes, the opinions of people who stayed there are just as valuable. Not reading online reviews can lead to missing out on recent problems with the home’s structure or amenities.

Check out online reviews of the rentals, especially recent reviews, to see which home meets your needs best. Keep an eye on any recent changes that have been made to the home, and hosts’ responses to these reviews can give you a better idea of who you are renting from.

Focusing Too Much on Photos

Do you find yourself drawn to photos of rentals with the right background and stand-out features? Choosing a home based off the initial photos can tie you to a rental that isn’t covering other aspects, such as the number of rooms and distance from important locations.

Read throughout the rental’s website to get a greater view of what the home provides to see which options will give you your money’s worth. Create a list of questions to ask so that the actual rental matches up with the high-quality photos.

Misunderstanding the Location

Part of the research process for rental homes is knowing how far they are from where you may be working or schools your children may be attending. Some rental platforms don’t offer the exact address until you book the rental, which could lead to you spending more time and money on commutes.

Get as much information from the rental’s website about how far it is from important locations, and it will help to contact the company about the location. It is also important to see how far the rental is from grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, and attractions to enjoy on your free time.

No Amenity Checklist

The enjoyment you experience in your new home in Riverview is linked just as much to what you can do in your rental as it is to what you can do when you are out on the town. That’s where amenities come in, as they can determine how much you can accomplish when you are trying to busy, as well as how much you can relax on your downtime.

Create a list of amenities that each room should have, including the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen. You will need fast Wi-Fi if you plan on working remotely, and outdoor amenities such as pools and space for a BBQ should also be considered if you plan to host parties.

Prioritizing Cheap Rentals

Saving money can be a challenge in your search, but rental homes that cost less don’t always guarantee quality. Rentals with lower prices may be sacrificing certain benefits, such as distance from work or school, as well as important amenities.

We recommend comparing rental prices to see which home offers the best bang for your buck. It may be worth spending extra money if the rental has extra amenities or is within walking distance from significant locations for your needs or popular attractions.

Not Following House Rules

While you may want to use your new Riverview home for both productive and fun occasions, the rental will still have a list of house rules to follow during your stay. These rules may include how many occupants can stay or if pets are allowed.

Read the house rules before you sign the agreement so that you know what you need to do to avoid extra fees and other penalties. If you are looking for a long-term rental for your family, make sure everyone in your group is aware of the rules.

Not Communicating with the Rental Company

Getting the most out of your stay at rental homes depends on how much you stay in touch with the companies that connect you with them. While you may try to fix certain issues with the home on your own, a professional team can make it easier.

Keep in contact with the company in case you have any questions during your stay, such as what to do about certain issues you find with the home. It also helps to get their advice on what to do in the area, as it may determine if you decide to stay at this home longer.


Knowing what not to do when renting a home for the long-term can ensure you get the most out of your stay. View our rentals today at L’Attitude27 Riverview to find your perfect home!